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who are we?

Tony Shepherd is an online writer and marketer.

He lives in a Yorkshire village with his wife and two children.

They grow potatoes, keep chickens, battle snails, read books and operate a handful of home and online businesses, none of which seem like work…..and only take a few days a week to run.

Tony is a firm believer in creating the lifestyle you want, funded by profitable, simple online businesses that suit your personality and passion.

He’s been described as a ‘Hippy Marketer’

Tony Newton is a full-time online marketer, website flipper and SEO geek!

He lives in Blackpool with his dog Jess and can be found most mornings walking along the seafront, far away from the chaotic town centre.

Having worked from home for almost 15 years, he enjoys sharing as much information as he can to help others make money online too and help them leave their J.O.B’s behind.

Tony can also be found quite frequently on planes as he loves to travel!


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