I’ve been an Amazon affiliate for 16 years now and it’s a great program to be involved with.

Whilst the commissions can be low in some categories, the sales can mount up because you get paid for every product someone buys.

And people love to fill their baskets when on Amazon!

This video shares 3 steps I personally use to make the most money and how I personally do affiliate marketing with Amazon:

As you can see, it’s quite a simple model but it’s very effective.

Website buyers love these types of affiliate websites because there’s no work for them to do. Once the sites are transferred and they add their own Amazon links then that’s all they need to do.

Once ranked, these sites typically stay ranked for years when done correctly. So if you choose to keep them, you should have a nice residual income each and every month.

Affiliate marketing with Amazon is a great way to get started if you have never been an affiliate before.

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