If you don’t currently have an email list or social media following but want to start affiliate marketing without an audience, then this post is for you!

On this video, we share 2 ways that you can get started today:

As you can see, the first method is almost free to do, it will just take your time. Results won’t come quickly but once you start getting traffic from Google, then you should start to make money for free.

The second method will get you results today but will cost you some money upfront. Typically $40-$80 will get you 100 clicks on your email. If your email content (pitch) matches the product you’re promoting then you could make some sales right away.

Now obviously, we recommend sending traffic to a squeeze page and building your list. But if you want to really get moving today, then method 2 will do just that.

Try it out, test and track results. Scale where possible.

If you’re smart about it, then you can start affiliate marketing without an audience or email list today and potentially have made money before you go to sleep tonight!

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