I saw the question “Can affiliate marketing make you rich?” on Quora the other day and read through some of the answers.

Most of them were from people promoting their own products and services, which is pretty standard on that website.

Now of course, the answer to the question is ABSOLUTELY. Affiliate marketing can make you rich but you need to have a solid plan of how to make it work for you.

I mean, take some of the top ClickFunnels affiliates. Each of them has their own unique ways of promoting the company.

  • Some sign up clients and create funnels for them, using their affiliate link.
  • Some create their own training programs and give them away when people sign up to ClickFunnels™ through their affiliate link.
  • Others use social platforms to build a following and then promote ClickFunnels™.

There are now several people who have made $1 Million just by promoting that one company.

So can affiliate marketing make you rich? Heck yes!

But you need to be strategic about how you promote products.

Think of unique ways you can add value to the products you are promoting.

Create an irresistible offer (a bonus) that people get if they buy through your affiliate link.

That’s one of the most effective ways to win in affiliate marketing.

Make it real no-brainer for them to sign up.

That can be the difference between winning and losing right there.

Think outside the box!

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