In this video, Russell Brunson shares his thoughts on what he calls the hook, the story and the offer. These can be applied to people selling their own products as well as affiliate marketers.

Check it out:

The hook is what grabs you.

The story is the thing behind the hook. It’s unique to you.

The offer is obviously the thing you are selling or promoting.

He talks about this quite heavily in his Expert Secrets book too. You can get a FREE copy of that, you just pay shipping.

All 3 components are obviously important to the entire system. So it’s crucial you get them right if you want to successful sell or promote products online.

You need the hook to get people in, the story to connect with those people and then a great offer that they can’t say no to.

It all sounds simple but when done right, it can make you a huge amount of money!

Check out more about Russell on his ClickFunnels™ website.

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